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pink flower vintage dress

¥11,800 Regular Price
¥8,260Sale Price
  • 肩幅 45cm
    アームホール 24cm
    バスト 48cm
    ウエスト 35cm
    着丈 98cm

    サイズ 記載なし、フリー 
    素材 記載なし、ポリエステル・コットン混

💭About conditions 

A: dead stock / as good as new

B: Usability of the general old clothes degree

C: There is some feeling of use, small fraying, stains, and holes.

D: Old, with overall damage

📦 About shipping

Japan Post (click post, letter pack) or Yamato Transport courier service

We will ship within 5 business days after payment is confirmed by the cheapest method from the above.

Basically you can not specify the date and time

If you want to specify the shipping method or have other requests, please write it in the remarks column.

👛 About payment

Credit card payment, PayPal payment, bank transfer are available

​The customer is responsible for the bank transfer fee.

•°• ⚠ •°••°• ═════════════

    Be sure to read before purchasing

The clothes and miscellaneous goods handled by bluesis are old.
The designer's works are also made by hand.

A little feeling of use, dirt, fraying, etc. are characteristics of second-hand clothes, so I choose it because I like it.
We may omit posting. In addition, the distortion caused by manual work is the same.

If it is difficult to wear, such as when it is worn out and cannot be worn, we will refund your money.
If you are interested in the details of the product, please contact us separately ^ ^

Also, when sending by letter pack or click post
Please note that the product will be folded into a small size and packed, so there may be wrinkles when the product is folded.


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